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Marcy Wrist and Forearm Developer

  • September 19, 2019
  • By Admin: Charlotte Morris
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Designed to strengthen the forearm, wrist, and fingers, the Marcy Wrist and Forearm Developer builds the flexor and extensor muscles, while enhancing your grip strength. The mechanism supports your forearm and wrist for maximum safety and comfort, even as a variable resistance system allows you to measure your progress. The grip is also adjustable to suit a wide variety of hand and arm shapes and fits comfortably over your forearm. So, all you need to do is rock your wrist back and forth and build strength day by day to improve catching ability, stick handling in hockey, and ball control in basketball.About Impex Fitness Established in 1980, Impex Fitness is on the front lines of innovation in today’s health marketplace. They specialize in home fitness/smith machine style equipment that appeals to the whole family and offers a complete workout experience. Impex encompasses a variety of brands including Marcy, Competitor, Hers, Easy Outdoor and Gym Dandy for children. Your family’s health as their highest priority, Impex Fitness strives to develop the most pioneering fitness equipment available. Assembled product dimensions: 14.5L x 8W x 6H inches. Exercises the forearm, wrist, and fingers. Builds the flexor and extensor muscles and enhances grip strength. Forearm and wrist support for maximum safety and comfort. Variable resistance allows progress tracking. Adjustable grip for optimum performance. Easy to assemble.

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